VTG 2901 V2

Insticare 2901 V2 : NPWT with instillation for advanced wound care

Closed Cyclic Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (CCNPWT) is a bio-mechanical wound care treatment that uses controlled negative pressure to help assist and accelerate wound healing process. The negative pressure therapy is an efcacious and cost-effective management approach for almost all wound etiologies such as pressure ulcers, dehisced surgical wounds, diabetic/neuropathic ulcers, venous leg ulcers, burns post-surgical wounds, sinus management, traumatic wounds and pre & post-op aps/grafts. Insticare 2901 V2 is an upgraded version of VTG 2901, provided with an additional advantage of irrigation aimed at minimizing bacterial colonization by intermittent cleansing of wound and dressing.


   Benefits of INSTICARE 2901 V2


  • Intermittent cleansing of micro debris and foam dressing
  • Delivery of medication directly on wound site via instillation feature
  • Decreased tissue bacterial levels
  • Enhanced granulation tissue formation through increased perfusion
  • Beneficial for hemodynamically unstable/high-risk patient.

Heal faster and track your progress

  • Construction: Flame retardant ABS
  • Dimensions: 260mm x 210mm x 150mm
  • Power Adapter: Input 110/220v AC, Output 15v/1.5Amp DC
  • USB Data Port: For downloading patient data and wound size analysis .
  • Mains Cable: 3 meters
  • Operating Voltage: 12-15V
  • Wattage: 15W Peak
  • Noise Level: <30db
  • Weight: 950gms (Approx)
  • Display: Digital Display with Screen Lock & / Night Mode Facility with Touch button based operation
  • Vacuum: Continuous/ Variable/ Intermittent modes
  • Irrigation: Intermittent (drip instillation/soakage)
  • Battery Backup: Backup of 12 hrs to 16 hrs
  • Pressure Range: 20mmHg - 220mmHg
  • System Features: App Based Patient Data Recoding With Wound Progress Imaging (Both wired and wireless using Bluetooth Technology )
  • Canister: Disposable, Vol 500 and 1000 ml with Clear Aqua Gel
  • Alerts: Pressure Blockage, Pressure Leak, Canister Full, Therapy Inactive, Battery Status