VTG 2901

Advanced Wound Care through Closed Cyclic Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (CCNPWT)

Closed Cyclic Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (CCNPWT) is a bio-mechanical wound care treatment that uses controlled negative pressure to help assist and accelerate wound healing process. The Negative Pressure Therapy System is a clinically proven, cost-effective therapy for the treatment of almost all wounds etiologies, including pressure ulcers, dehisced surgical wounds, diabetic/neuropathic ulcers, venous leg ulcers, burns post surgical wounds, sinus management, traumatic wounds and pre & post-op aps/grafts. Our new programmable CCNPWT system delivers controlled negative pressure in the wound site to accelerate healing process. The system delivers continuous, variable and intermittent therapy settings for effective therapy goals. The fully loaded system with safety parameters for leakage, blockage, canister full and system inactive conditions. The robust system has been designed light just about 950gms for mobile patients with a very user friendly operation menu.


   VTG 2901 - The new advanced solution in NPWT


  • Removes excess fluid (infections and non-infectious), reduces edema, allowing tissue decompression>
  • Stimulates granulation tissue formation by increasing vascular perfusion
  • Encourages mechanical stretching, approximates wound edges, enhances dermal perfusion, overall wound contraction
  • Protects wound from microbe imbalance Maintains a moist wound healing environment

Heal faster and track your progress

  • Construction: Flame retardant ABS
  • Dimensions: 247mm x 140mm x 148mm
  • Power Adapter: Input 110/220v AC, Output 15v/1.5Amp DC
  • Mains Cable: 3 meters
  • Operating Voltage: 12-15V
  • Wattage: 15W Peak
  • Noise Level: <30db
  • Weight: 3Kg (Approx)
  • Display: Digital Display with Screen Lock Facility / Night Mode Facility
  • Vacuum: Continuous/ Variable/ Intermittent modes
  • Battery Backup: Backup of 12 hrs to 16 hrs
  • Pressure Range: 20mmHg - 220mmHg
  • System Features: GSM based Remote Operation, Log & Monitoring System (Optional)
  • Canister: Disposable, Vol 500ml with Clear Aqua Gel
  • Alerts: Pressure Blockage, Pressure Leak, Canister Full, Therapy Inactive, Battery States, and Vacuum Status Indicator
  • Dressing: Type PU / PVA Foam Dressing (Recommended)